Sean (G4UCJ) <g4ucj.shack@...>

Hi all, just to let you know that during the month of June, all UK amateurs are allowed to use a special prefix. For G stations, the prefix is GQ, for M's it is MQ and for 2's it is 2Q. There are no country locators so GM=GQ, GI=GQ, GW=GQ, G=GQ, GJ and GU=GQ. I will be active as often as possible on all bands from 80m to 6m primarily CW but will try to operate some PSK/RTTY (now my station is operational on those modes again). To my knowledge the GQ prefix has not been used, or if it has been, not for 25 years, so not on PSK for sure! Hope to work some of you in June!!
73 Sean, G4UCJ / GQ4UCJ

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