Steve W3HF

Watch for YM0KA from Bozcaada Island in Turkey (AS-099). Not only is
it an unusual prefix , but it's an IOTA that hasn't been on PSK
before (to my knowledge). Actually, both the YM0 and TA0 prefixes are
pretty rare--the 0th district in Turkey is used primarily (if not
only) for islands, according to what I've read/seen.

It's a joint DXpedition between two clubs, one Turkish and one
Macedonian. Their web site is http://www.qsl.net/z30m/Bozcaada.html

They (and the individual calls of TA0/Z3xx) are spending a lot of
time on RTTY and other modes, but I caught them last night on 20m PSK.

Online logs will be available after the expedition ends. QSL via home
calls, or YM0KA via TA2DS.


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