Hotmail users please read

bernie_kf4fhs <kf4fhs@...>

Hi Everybody,

I know this doesn't have anything to do with PSK, but I think all
Hotmail users should read this. It's not a hoax, cause I went to my
accounts and they had me "opted-in" to let Microsoft share / sell my

73, Bernie / KF4FHS

HotMail Emulates Yahoo's Privacy Breach

About 2 months ago, Yahoo changed its privacy policies, and in the
process automatically reset all its customers' "opt-out" preferences
reset to opt-*in*--- in effect, telling the system "Yes, Yahoo, please
spam me!" (See
08.htm#3 ).
It looks as if Hotmail is on the same path.

Fred, I'm a Plus LangaList subscriber and just came across
this today ( ).
Apparently, Hotmail (MSN/Microsoft) "added" some privacy
options... and, like Yahoo recently did, set their subscribers
options to YES for these new options without any type of
notification. Your list members may be surprised to find out
that they now have "given" Microsoft permission to share their
email address and other profile information which includes
their Birth Date, Country/Region, State, Zip Code, Gender,
Accessibility, Time Zone, and Occupation with other .Net
company sites. While I realize that many put misinformation in
these fields (always a good practice), others likely have not
or could not for various reasons. I personally have two
hotmail accounts, one with bogus information, and another
where I was compelled to use my real information because
Microsoft has forced it's Passport login on its Certified
Engineers and Partners.

To verify or change these new options, sign into your Hotmail
account, select Options, and then modify your Personal
Profile. Chances are, most will find three new options with
the aforementioned two enabled.

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