A note fm Bob VE4XA -
I will be using the XM4 prefix (XM4XA) on PSK mode for the authorized time
period. QSL cards will be available in July after I see how many contacts
have been made!
070 members may be interested in looking out for other special prefixes on
PSK mode.

This just may stir up some activity for the Worked All Canada endorsement!

ALSO..I have info regarding a worked Canadian Prefix Award (not specific to
PSK mode) should anyone be interested.

May 18 to July 18, 2002 Authority has been granted by Industry Canada
to use National Special
Event Call Signs for the celebration of The Queen's Golden Jubilee.

The call signs assigned to the special event will be:
XM1 for VE1's, XL1 for VA1's, XM2 for VE2's, XL2 for VA2's, XM3 for VE3's,
XL3 for VA3's, XM4 for VE4's, XL4 for VA4's, XM5 for VE5's, XL5 for VA5's,
XM6 for VE6's, XL6 for VA6's, XM7 for VE7's, XL7 for VA7's, XM8 for VE8's,
XM9 for VE9's, XN1 for VO1's, XN2 for VO2's, XO0 for VY0's, XO0 for VY1's,
and XO2 for VY2's.
This authority is valid from May 18, to July 18, 2002.

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