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ag4cz <ag4cz@...>

Hope everyone enjoys Dayton this year. Sounds like it will be loads
of fun and plenty of 070'ers attending. Have fun and enjoy an
Applebee's steak for me. Although my house is only about 3 hours
away, I will be unable to attend. Prior engagements in other
countries. Still working on getting ability to operate overseas. I
have the equip worked out and hope to put some rare DX on the air
John P.
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Add AA8QQ to the list of 070 members who have said they are
making the
trip this year: AA8QQ, DL2AYL, KC8LJN, KF8OR, N3DQU, N3JWJ, N3XC,
Dayton plans:
Friday - Friday evening around 6:30pm at Applebee's in Troy,
Ohio, just
off of I-75. All are invited of course! Directions: Off at exit 74
on I-75,
then west on State Route 41 a few hundred feet.
Saturday -Still nothing planned yet. There is a big bulletin
board there
in the arena. Look for a posting on where the Saturday meeting is
going to
take place.
Sunday - 070 Club & PODXS DPX forum; Room 2, 11:00-noon.

Comms - 2m simplex - 146.535 (if busy go to 146.520); FRS - Ch
13, no
quiet tone.

Wx forecast for Dayton:
Friday May 17 T-Storms, Hi 62F, Lo 46F
Saturday May 18 Scattered Showers, Hi 55F, Lo 38F
Sunday May 19 Mostly Cloudy, Hi 58F, Lo 38F

...73 de Jay N3DQU.

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