Contact with Brazil !!!??!!!

Pavanatti <cevada@...>

Hello every one (members)
I'm PU5OPR Eleandro Pavanatti (Nando)
From Curitiba City in South part of Brazil (GG54ho)
Just for remember my member number is 074.
I will operate in this contest only in 2 bands 10M and 15M because
my license only permit me do PSK on this bands ...
If you hunt me in any I will operate in the end of day in local time
some thing
between 0:00z - 04:00z ok ... because I study and I go to my father's
look every work around.

TNX for all and I open to work any one in any time just send a e-mail
to me mark one time to do this contact ...
QSL 100% via BURO !!!

73 for all members

PS1 - Sorry about the bad english
PS2 - Congratulations for the PODXS 070 club for nice award ok... very
beautiful it
was great on my wall . hi hi hi

Bye bye
PU5OPR - Eleandro Pavanatti (Nando)

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