Re: Jordan on the air...

Zoltan Bordas <borzol@...>

Last night Jordan was on the air on 14, unfortunatly all were calling
simultaniously ending up on a psk madness...
Are we getting the Voice mode bad manners in psk now ??

Demetre - SV1ENS
Unfortunately I was not on air that time... but today around 14 UTC A71EM /
Juma was on 15m and I managed to make a QSO with him - my 145th DXCC on this
mode. He is a beginner, only yesterday started!

Regarding PSK QRM - is even worst like in SSB, because already 2 or 3
signals on the same frequency are completely unreadable. My oppinion is that
split is the reasonable way to do the QSOs in pile-ups. Split, and spreaded
out. Is very easy to make a contact for the DX seen the traces on the
waterfall; also callers can see where not to call on top of an existing
trace - not as difficult as in SSB. But for lots of operators is unusual to
split-operate in PSK... more to beginners. But hope someday everybody will
learn all things - mee too, hi hi.

Good luck on hunting!

73 de Zoli / YO5CRQ

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