Thanks to All for Vermont - WAS PSK31 !!!

brmccain <brmccain@...>

Thanks to all of you who promptly helped me with Vermont call signs,
I finally finished state #50 for ARRL WAS PSK31. Several of you
offered VT stations you have worked on psk31, so I e-mailed every one
of them for a possible sked. Sunday morning I received an e-mail from
Burt Eldridge, W1ZS, (suggested by Erika DL2AYL). I telephoned Burt
and with him on the phone, we tried a qso on 10-15-20, but we didn't
quite make it through some rough band condx.

We agreed to try again three hours later. About 30 minutes before our
sked, I was roving the bands checking the propogation when I ran
across a bright yellow streak on 21.070 . . . "CQ TEST de W1ZS" . . .
There was Burt! I replied and we had a fb qso that lasted several
rounds before 15 meters gave out. Burt said he would drop the card in
the mail Monday, no SASE required . . .

P.S. As it turns out, Burt Eldridge, W1ZS, is the manager of the ARRL
Incoming Bureau for W1 zone. Also, he had never heard of the 070 Club
or this group/reflector. He checked out the 070 Club web page and
really liked it. I sure hope he joins the club, because Burt
Eldridge, and all of you who helped me, are what makes this hobby so

tnx agn es 73 de N7XB
Bruce McCain in Portland Oregon

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