Steve W3HF

--- wrote:
OK I finally received my last card for the WAS and
it goes out overnight to
Congratulations. I still need to work DE, NH, WY, and
HI, and to get a card from either of my two WI

I asked for WAS on PSK so we will see if I get it or
what I get.
I will let everyone know what they send back.
Already checked. They consider all digital modes as
RTTY. Doesn't matter if it's PSK31, MFSK16,
Hellschreiber, facsimile, SSTV, or plain old FSK RTTY,
the certificate still says only "RTTY." So my WAC cert
says RTTY, though they did endorse it for QRP.

IMHO, the categories should be CW, Voice (whether AM,
FM, SSB, or whatever), Digital (to include RTTY, PSK,
MFSK, etc), and Image (fax, SSTV, FSTV). But then
again, I would also include ships legally anchored in
a harbor for DXCC, too.

See you all this weekend.
Hope so.


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