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Announcing Membership in the
Loyal Order of the Narrow-Banded Phaseshifters (LONP)

Purpose - Now that the 070 Club is over 200 members strong, this award will encourage members to work each other using PSK31. Contacts with non-members do not count for this award.

Valid QSO - A valid QSO is one made via PSK31 mode on the HF bands between two 070 Club members, both of whom meet the criteria for membership in the PODXS 070 Club at the time the QSO was made (see membership criteria below).

Bands - All HF bands are allowed, 160 - 6M, including WARC bands. All contacts must be 2-way PSK31. No repeater, cross-mode or cross-band contacts are allowed.

Membership Criteria - Membership in the PODXS 070 Club is determined by the date of issue of the 070 Club membership certificate. For this award, one's membership in the 070 Club shall be considered to begin at 0000Z on the date of issue as noted on his/her 070 Club membership certificate.

Alpha List - The reference database for LONP is the current Alpha List of members showing their membership dates. A copy of this reference is available direct from K8IJ. Updates to this reference list shall be made available periodically to reflect changes in the 070 Club membership, including changes in members' callsigns. This list shall be the final and determining reference for this award.

Operator-based Award - This is an operator-based award program and as such, places no restrictions on the participants' respective geographic locations at the time any QSOs submitted for this award were made. QSOs made while portable or mobile in any way are all valid for LONP, provided that the QSOs were made under the member's callsigns as listed in the 070 Club Alpha List and all other conditions for the award are met.

Lifetime QSO points - A PSK31 QSO with another 070 Club member counts once for 1 Lifetime QSO point. Additional QSOs with the same station are not valid for application for the LONP Award or endorsements. Contacts with non-members do not count for this award.

Awards - The basic LONP Award, a certificate suitable for framing, is awarded for a total of 100 Lifetime QSO points. Endorsement stickers for the basic LONP Award will be available in increments of 50 additional Lifetime QSO points.

Fee - Please include $1 US cash money, no IRCs please, to help with expenses.

Applications - QSL cards are NOT required. Send log data showing callsigns and QSO dates only. Be sure to include your call, your name as you'd like it on your certificate, $1 US, and your mailing address in your application. Please send your application to:

Charlie Trice, K8IJ
18900 Wentworth Drive
Miami, FL 33015-2922

A listing of members presented the LONP Award and endorsements will be posted on the 070 Club website as they are awarded. All applications are subject to verification.

Any questions, or for a current Alpha List with membership dates, please send an e-mail to k8ij@... or via regular mail at the address given above.


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