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My statement was only a generalization with respect to antenna height etc. People
spend a awful lot of money on flash transceivers, fast computers, and not their antennae!

Of course site restrictions come into the equation as well.
Some people don't take criticism well either....It is a blow to one's ego!....
My intention was not to criticise but to encourage.....
If you are happy with all your 'set-ups', happy with what you achieve, then I am
glad! You are having is a hobby after all!
But we can listen...take in advice...sift the chaff from the wheat...learn. Just
be cautious! Not everybody is correct, some need filters on their mouths, or in our
case, their keyboards.
For an example, I once talked to a guy about 9000 miles away across the World...said
he was QRP? I was intrigued!
His signal was nearly as good as one of those 'Kilowatt Kids' I asked him, after
I gave him a 57 report, how much power was he running? He said, "As much as I can
get out of two D size torch cells!"
I then asked him what was his antenna? His answer summed it up, and I then believed
him...A six element Quad on 20M!
We guessed his power at about 100mW, home brew QRP transmitter about as big as a
matchbox.....That's QRP!
How often have you heard, "Your 10 watts and your dipole are doing a great job!"

When they should have said, "Propagation is definitely favouring us, because I can
hear your QRP signal very well!"

If there is no propagation, all the power in the World, and the biggest antenna,
at the greatest height, will be useless. These all will help in poor conditions...

See ya! 73s Duncan

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