Survey Results

Steve W3HF

070ers -

I received 41 responses to the survey I posted a few weeks ago.
Thank you to all who sent me something. Following are the results,
including some of the more interesting comments.

1. Is PSK31 the primary mode of operation at your station? If no,
what is your primary mode?

73% said PSK31 was their primary mode. Five of the others stated
CW, four of the others stated SSB, and one said "anything

2. Do you run other "soundcard" modes besides PSK31? If yes,
please list.

Almost exactly the same number (72%) run some other sound
card mode(s). Other modes mentioned, and the fraction of these
"other sound card operators", were:

RTTY 90%
MFSK 69%
Hell 41%
SSTV 35%
MT63 31%
Throb 21%
CW 3%

3. Have you tried PSK31/QRP? If yes, are you QRP most of the
time? All of the time?

24 of you, about 58% of respondents, have at least tried QRP
PSK31operation. But only four of you are QRP most of the time,
and only two are QRP all the time. (Thanks, Dave, for keeping me
company here.)

4. What bands do you regularly operate PSK31 on?

Not surprisingly, 20/15/10 dominated this response. One
respondent said "all bands," but there were no other responses for
either 160m or 2m and above. Totals were:

80 29%
40 41%
30 39%
20 93%
17 29%
15 88%
12 29%
10 90%
6 5%

5. Have you ever tried to operate PSK31 on 6m or above?

Eight respondents (20%) have at least tried to operate 6m. A few
others said "not yet, but soon" or something to that effect. A few
others stated that they either had no equipment, or were not
licensed for 6m operation in their country.

6. Do you chase PSK31 DX?

85% of you chase DX on PSK.

7. Do you have PSK31 wallpaper other than 070 Club certificates
on the wall? If yes, please list.

Only 32% of you have radio wallpaper issued by someone other
than the 070 club. Other responses, and the number of responses
for each of them, were:

various contests 4
WorldRadio 31 on 31 3
eQSL 2

A few mentioned that they were working towards some of these
other awards, but had not yet applied or received the certificates.

8. Do you actively work towards obtaining upgrades and
endorsements offered by the 070 Club?

87% of you responded in the affirmative. (That means "said yes.")

There was also one weird response from someone who was upset
about the DX-DL endorsement, and his inability to earn this due to
"diodes in my antenna." I never figured out what he meant by this.

9. Do you participate in PSK31 contests? Have you participated in
the 070 Club contests (PSKfest, Three Day Weekend)?

85% participate in PSK contests. Of those that responded to the
second question, 91% specifically participate in the 070 contests.

10. Do you pass the word about the 070 Club (on the air, local
club, etc.).

93% tell others about 070 in one or more ways (on the air, web site
referrals, club meetings, etc).

11. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being very good, how would you rate
the 070 Club program? What do you like the best? What do you
like the least?

The average response here was 9.5, with a range from 8 to 10.
(Note that I downgraded one respondent who didn't follow
directions, and gave a response of 15! I used a 10 in the average
calculation for this math-challenged person.)

Things that were liked the best, and the number of you who
mentioned it were:

Awards/endorsements 12
Friendships/email reflector/camaraderie/etc 9
Contests 6
070 is a service/help to hams 3
"Easy enough for most to earn awards" 2
Active and creative leadership 1

(Note to the person who said this last one: no matter how much
you flatter the PODXS leadership, you still have to earn every
award yourself! No cheating! And I'm not going to tell them who you

There were fewer responses to the "things I liked least" question:

Internet (web site) problems 3
Room on the certificate for all the endorsements 2
Not enough PSK on the air 1
Not enough contests 1
Credit given only after 1 June 2000 1
The DX-BV endorsement was too hard 1
No award for working 070 members 1
Concern about growing pains as the club grows 1
Not having Jay as my first name 1
3-day contest is too long 1

12. Feel free to add any supplemental information, suggestions, or
other comments.

A bunch of you submitted general compliments (thanks, well-done,
don't change anything). There were a few specific suggestions.

The only one mentioned more than once was "education on good
signals and operating practices."

Other subjects mentioned, each only once, were:

A DXCC endorsement
More contests (Note that there seemed to be a theme on this
person's response. Every other answer focused on contests.)
Club-organized bulk QSL cards
An organized Dayton effort (e.g., block of hotel rooms)
A one-hour Christmas day sprint contest
A PODXS DXpedition
A PODXS vacation trip (no radios allowed)
Fix the "black-on-green" style of the web page to improve readibility
An 070 club logo to put on QSL cards

And now, a few closing comments from the survey-taker.

A. I find it interesting that there were two suggestions for
"education on good signals and operating practices," especially
since that was a subject of discussion on the email reflector this
past week. I think it would be useful to have some sort of writeup
placed on the web site, describing good and bad signals (including
screen captures like Ludek and others submitted), and what to do
about them.

B. Last night's announcement of the LONP award fills the stated
need for a "worked all 070ers" type of endorsement.

C. Jay 'DQU has a separate endorsement page available for those
of you who have run out of space on your 070 certificate.

Thanks again to everyone that responded. If anyone has any other
questions, please ask.


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