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Just another thought ... the best wire antenna I ever had was an inverted v ... 65 feet each leg fed with homemade openwire feed line with about 4 inch spacing... worked well on all bands.   At the same time a TA 33 at 35 feet worked better for 10, 15, and 20.   Had the TA 33 at 50 feet once ... it was no better than at 35 feet ...  hurricane reduced its took it down.  For me it is a compromise between height and survivabililty when the hurricane force winds blow.   So now it is a Force 12 at 33 feet.... satisfied with its performance and hoping it will survive the next hurricane.
Tom, k3psk

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I have thought about them myself but anytime I have mentioned it to the old timers and some of my elmers they just cringed.  I am using a homebrew inverted vee dipole fed with ladder line.  I wonder how one of the verticals would compare??  I know my dipole is cheaper.  Force 12 has some verticals out as well.  Take a look at their site. I have also been looking at the Cushcraft MA5B mini beam as well but they all cringe at that too. J  We can’t all have 100 ft towers and tri-banders….


Jeff Baker WU4O

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