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I have a Cushcraft MA5B for sale if you want it for $150. I had it up for 2 months until my Force12 C3SS came in, it is only 8 months old.
Chris KC8LJN

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I have thought about them myself but anytime I have mentioned it to the old timers and some of my elmers they just cringed.  I am using a homebrew inverted vee dipole fed with ladder line.  I wonder how one of the verticals would compare??  I know my dipole is cheaper.  Force 12 has some verticals out as well.  Take a look at their site. I have also been looking at the Cushcraft MA5B mini beam as well but they all cringe at that too. J  We can’t all have 100 ft towers and tri-banders….


Jeff Baker WU4O

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