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There will be differences between soundcards. Even from the same manufacturer. This
anomally is inherent in mass production. There are 'tolerances' laid down by the
designers, and if a component is within the tolerances of fit or performance then
it released for incorportion in the machinery.
In transceivers there are tolerances, and that is why each is 'different'. Most are
very good, but every now and then someone gets the 'lemon'! It is a fact of life.

Two identical machines can never be exactly the same because of the 'tolerances'
allowed in the manufacturing process of every component.
An Astronaut in the Apollo Moon landing project 40 years ago made an observation
that they were in space, going to the Moon, in a machine of several million components
all supplied by the lowest Tenderer.....
Think about it!
To operate PSK31 we all have to use a soundcard of at least '16 bit' complexity.
I cannot see the point in telling that to another operator during PSK QSOs....?
By the way, it's no use asking me Technical Computer questions. I just operate the
bloody thing, and get it wrong a few times too!
When it all goes wrong, I know how to 'reboot' it, (whatever the indicates), and
start again....
See ya in the ether! 73s

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