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Thanks, Duncan...
I took a look at the document while on-line, but saved it and will read it more thoroughly after I get off.  It looks like something that a lot of folks should read.  Sometimes all of our signals get a little "wide" in the excitement of things.  I have learned to look at the ALC meter and reduce things so that I have no more than 20-25 watts out and no ALC indication.  That seems to help.  At least I've not had any complaints about my on screen waterfall at the other end. 
Sometimes I've taken screen shots of the other station and e-mailed it to them to let them see what they looked like at the other end of the spectrum.  I've received many e-mails thanking me and that the screen shot helped them solve their problem.
All the best Jungle Telegraph man.

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Hi Jay!
Nope! If you study the pictures carefully, even though the traces are very red, you
can see that the signals are way out past the 'twin carrier lines'. This is definitely
the fault of the transmission, not the reception. I have seen this on a lot of signals,
not anywhere near that strong.
Such signals utterly destroy the chance of working weak signals on the frequency!

I have written a little 'thesis' This is attached in MS Word as a Text document.

73s de Duncan Jungle Telegraph

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