Re: New contest category ....


Ludik's pictures appear to be taken off the screen of DigiPan, or a very
similar program. I have used DigiPan since the very beginning, and yes,
turning down the gain (waterfall drive), will take the red out, but it WILL
NOT narrow a signal that is being overdriven by the sender. If more operators
would read the manuals or information that comes with their programs, and if
they heed what they read, we would not see such WIDE BAND signals on PSK. A
simple look at the ALC meter, or perhaps a response to someone suggesting
they turn down the audio from the computer, would eliminate these crummy
signals. I give Ludik a four star rating for his efforts to bring this
problem to the forefront. best 73 to all from
KA3X, Jay (070 club)

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