Rumbled half the world, anyway

Wirsing, James K. <James.Wirsing@...>

Most of my activity happened after 0900Z (a few at the start of the
contest), and throughout the day the bands slowly got better and better.
Heard Duncan at my QTH in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from 0900 to about 1300Z,
though ... a nice surprise.

Almost all of the signals, besides Duncan and UX0FF, and contacts were to
the southeast, south, and southwest from my QTH. A VE7 and VE2 sneaked in
there somehow on 20m. Toward 1900Z I noticed that the east coast USA was
working Europe/Africa, but all I heard was the CN8 over that way (and

Almost all the signals I saw were clean and readable; only a couple from SA
were garbled. The gang really had a nice set of signals this year. I
"oops-ed" a couple of times ... at the hour and ten after I was on 6m 50.290
doing some CQs, and once in a while I'd go back to a lower band and forget
to readjust the mic gain right away. Sorry.

24 hours is lots of fun, and it's about all my poor brain can stand. The
IC-746 and R7000 worked wonderfully, and I really like them a lot.

I wonder if the other half of the world had their own contest. :-) Thanks
to all ... it was lots of fun!


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