Re: Lessons Learned


Hi All,
Whew, what a mess trying to run QRP in this test. I was limited to 10, 15, &
20 meters. I never saw any traces on 40 or 80. I think DQU stopped by
before going to DE and installed diodes in my 40 & 80 meter antennas. I did
get to make another 6 meter PSK QSO, with Chris KC8LJN this time. We
couldn't count it for the test since he couldn't see me at 5 watts, I had to
bump it up to 40 w for him to see me although I could read his trace at 20 w.
I have worked aurora on cw before and was wondering if any brave
(foolhearted?) souls have thought to try aurora on PSK at high power? (Don't
tear me up to bad on this one folks.)

I saw lots of loud/bright sigs out there that my computer couldn't make heads
nor tails of. It looked like some strange type of encryption. I kept
getting weird characters where letters should have been. Kind of like wrong
parity causes on wired digital comms. I used GenLog for logging and thought
I was doing really good scorewise until after the test was over. Then I
realized it was counting states as mults instead of call areas. Went from
4k+ down to 1200 points. Poor even for QRP.

Props stunk! I can usually work lots of EU from here on 5 watts. Not this
time! Only 2 EU's I heard were DL2AYL and UX0FF. Couldn't get either ones
attention though. Heard Mohammed over in Morocco but couldn't break that
pile up. Worked Duncan couple of times. I know it was because the trans
equatorial path, and his receiver. Most all my QSO's were N-S with very few
E-W, and no polar paths at all.

Sure hope DQU puts his toys away well in advance of the TDW. Don't need
another fiasco like this for many tests to come.

73 to all,
Jay - AA8QQ

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