Re: We Came We Saw And I think We Rumbled

Steve W3HF

On muitlpiers I'm understanding most like 9 different call areas in
U.S. and VK different call areas How abt DXCC is that every different
one contact or only every 2 or more contacts to same country but
different call areas. And were they say urs on the DXCC do I count
myself on that one.
Please respond so I can get my score in there..
Thanks 73
Craig -

You count DXCC entities just like you do for ARRL's DXCC award.
Your first contact to Argentina counts for Argentina on that band--
you don't need a second. If you get an Argentine on another band,
then it counts for that band, too.

The only countries where call districts count are W/VE/JA/VK.
Other than that, there is no difference--PY5XT is the same as

And yes, a W1 is the same as a N1, as a K1, as a WA1, etc.
What matters is the district they're in, not the exact callsign. So a
W1 is the same as a W3HF/1, if W3HF is portable in Connecticut.


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