What a guy!!! Camped in cold cruel Delaware just to
contribute to the WAS blight! Seriously, I wished you
had done something like that when I was scratching for DE
as one my last WAS targets.

I wanted to ask you about your TS-50 interface. I'm
setting up a TS-60 for 6M PSK, and I thought I might get
a tip or two on your setup:

Are you feeding your soundcard with the external speaker
outlet in the back of the rig, and adjusting your receive
audio from the front panel AF gain control?

How are you adjusting the mic gain, or audio drive level
for transmit? Is that something you do with your
interface box? I have a RIGblaster M8 I'll be using, and
it has a level control for audio drive. Do you find that
the audio drive requires a lot of attention once it's
set? The TS-60 mic gain reguires one to remove the top
cover for access. That's not too appealing to me...

Also have heard there is a thermal problem with these
rigs, and I was advised not to run digital mode on the
high power setting. Do you have experience with that?
Is your TS-50 OK at 50W and below?

I have made only one 6M PSK contact, with a different
rig. Any suggestions for 6M PSK freqs?

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

Regards, Bill

Yep, 'tis true! I was indeed portable from Cape Henlopen State Park in
Delaware for the Rumble. Despite the sketchy props, I managed to make 47 Q's
over 40, 20, 15 and 10 before the laptop battery decided to shut me down an
hour before the contest was done. Setup was a Kenwood TS50S running 50w to a
Hustler 5btv jammed in the sand and a Toshiba 233mhz laptop. Ran the Knwd off
a deep cycle battery and the laptop off a lawnmower battery. So while the
props were not exactly what you would call "contest friendly", I know I
helped at least one dood out there towards his WAS, so in that respect the
expedition was a success. Anybody out there need a QSL fm Delaware, will be
most happy to oblige. Btw, I have already started makiing offerings to the
prop gods for the TDW, so I don't think we will have the kind of problems we
saw with the Rumble hi...73 de Jay N3DQU.

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