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Well guys and gals, lots have been said about the poor conditions for the Rumble.
I think that lessons can learned for all of us. For a start, Antennae. Most things
will radiate to some degree, including a dummy load. But nothing will beat an antenna
which is resonant on the desired frequency, with a good match to the coax at the
antenna. If you need a tuner at the rig to match it, there is a problem with your
system, and effectively you will not be radiating all your RF, a lot will be heat!

Secondly, if your signal has slight spurious on PSK, it will be distorted, and combine
that with the atmospheric/geomagnetic distortion that occurred your signal will be
unreadable...the trace is there but not readable.
I worked several stations /QRP, with 'good' readability, and a lot of 'big fat traces'
that I saw on my screen weren't!
Thirdly, the effect of Aurora will distort your reception, and your transmission,
on the paths close to the auroras.
The best options then are to look for stations near the equatorial belt, or across
I was lucky with my QTH, lots of operators in USA and Japan, and with the path trans-equatorial.

Whereas late at night, many Europeans were 'on' but unreadable from here via either
polar path. In fact the frequencies were fill up with traces that my computer couldn't
For the record, I have the very best of Transceivers, particularly in receive with
my TS870, that combined with my 3 element tribander, makes a good trace on most screens.

Lastly, the software! There are many available, but the best is the one where you
can see the very weak signals, in colour! Lots of programs don't allow this, in fact
some of them are downright useless in conditions we experienced in the Rumble. Your
signal must be narrow, with no distortion at all, (No ALC showing), an IMD of at
least -30dB.....
Hang on a minute! Better stop now! I might have more competition on October......

My score is on the Tara site....See ya'll Duncan

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