Re: It was an experience

brmccain <brmccain@...>


Yes it was fun in spite of the bad conditions - at least from
Portland. I usually kept track of your sig from Yelm to see how and
who you were working. As you know, we can usually work many JA's
every evening from the Pacific Northwest on 10 and 15, but I never
even saw a single JA station. Only saw Serge, UA0ZS, once but
couldn't get him.

And yes, Duncan, ZL3JT, was running bright yellow all evening on 40
meters into Oregon. A half hour after our qso I snagged Walter,
CX7BF, before hanging it up for the nite. Saturday, 15 opened up a
little, while 10 stayed dead all day . . .

BTW: we also have an umbrella cockatoo, who sometimes needs
the "blanket teatment" . . . just curious, when your bird calls CQ
from your station, is that "[b]ird party" traffic?

73 de N7XB
Bruce McCain - Portland, OR

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