We Came We Saw And I think We Rumbled

kf4hou <kf4hou@...>

Had fun But, Mother Nature Frowned some on us. But did manage to wrk
a few good contacts I heard My friend Mohammed in CN but he didn't
hear me. I think I heard more EU stations than excepted but only a
hand full I could work. And didn't hear to many NE EU stations at all
Nothing past Germany. But Southern EU to middle east was Fair going
This contest was fun and challenging. When the Kp index hit abt a 4 I
finally got to work some to north of me. But, Canadanians were not
plentyful like the should have been. Hope I didn't step on anyones
toes on 20m but, I know a few did me. No matter how careful you try
to be on 20m there is always someone going to complain hi hi.
Oh, Well next time Hopefully we will having something a little bit
better to give me some punch. instead of a all bnder Dipole. stuck on
ne,sw directions.

One question First real contest I have been serious about can some
explain how to taly up the scores. For the idiot at hand here.

Well I think yv5aax will have a darn high score he was wrking them
ever where. into EU like it was easy. And duncan sure was wrking them
too. not sure how well he did after daylight here.

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