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bernie_kf4fhs <kf4fhs@...>

Hey Bob,

Yea, yesterday was different alright.

Usually Canada is really good for me, but I only got 1 VE in the
contest, and it's usually like I'm connected to Japan with a wire,
but I didn't see a single JA, either.
Right at the start, I saw Nando PY5XT, on 15 meters, and I hollered
at him and he came right back, and I thought, man, this is going to
be great, well, it didn't take me long to realize that the rest of
the contest wasn't going to be that easy, but I did manage to get
Duncan too, he had a great signal.
I did learn some things from using 5 watts this weekend, but I'm not
sure what they were :-) I would see very strong signals and try and
try to call them with no reply, then when their signal would start to
fade, I'd call and they would come back, this happened several
times ???
Oh, and I caught N3DQU/P trying to leave the state, when I talked to
him, he was already in Deleware, no tellin where he is by now.
If you want to try something challenging, crank the power down and
jump in a crowd and see what happens. I look at the QRP folks in a
little different light, now.
All in all it was a fun time, but like Duncan said in an earlier
post, not a record setter.

73, Bernie / KF4FHS

--- In 070@y..., "Bob" <VE4XA@A...> wrote:
Hi Bernie;
Just to let you know that your 3 watts kept booming in to Southern
but my 18 watts into a dipole just couldn't make the trip to you.
A fun event. Worked several new states and one new Province, and
even got
some outside work done! No great score...but then it's the FUN
more than
the high score..right? kept booming in here also..I should have been an
SWL entrant
as I saw you working one after the other. But. like
hear my 18 watts either!
See you down the log

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