It was an experience

bernie_kf4fhs <kf4fhs@...>

Well folks, it's humility time.

It was the perfect contest.... well, almost.
I only had a couple of tiny little glitches, not even hardly worth
mentioning, but since I'm here... At about 19:00z my main logging
program crashed , leaving me to hope the logger in Digipan really
works, and it does. At about 21:00z I had just got finished tuning up
on 20 meters and forgot reduce my power and I made a couple of
contacts at 50 watts instead of 5 ( I'm truly sorry if I QRM'ed
anyone )and had to chase them down and recall them. At about 21:30z
our Parrot started calling CQ in the CW mode at about 15 WPM and
wouldn't shut up till I covered him with a blanket. As for the rest
of the contest, the bands were pretty much unsympathetic to my poor
little 5 watts.
So if by chance, you happen to look at the scores, you can find mine
down close to the bottom.

Anyone else have as much fun as I did ?

73, Bernie / KF4FHS/7 :-)

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