Re: Radio passing

Steve W3HF

--- wrote:

Well, Steve, W3HF maybe we can finally make a real
QSO as I have a Tri-bander
up now and it is pointed right at your location.
Heard you on 20m last night (or was it the night
before?). Signal was very nice for a few minutes, but
faded out before you finished the QSO you were in.

Weird conditions on 20m late last night. Heard two
FKs, two VKs, and a ZL. They were all fading in and
out for a couple of hours. Didn't get any of them,
though. :-( But an N6, QRP at 2 W, did get one of the
FKs, so I think I had a chance. Unfortunately, he
wasted a bunch of time asking questions about France,
and didn't recognize the prefix. Maybe some time ...


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