Solar Actvities For Rumble Forcast

kf4hou <kf4hou@...>

Solar activity is expected to be at low to moderate levels during the
period. Isolated lesser M-class flares are likely during 17 - 21
April and 29 April – 13 May. There will be a slight chance for
isolated major flare activity during these periods as well. Activity
is expected to be low during 22 – 28 April.

There will be a slight chance for a proton event through 20 April and
again during 07 – 13 May.

Greater than 2 MeV fluxes may reach high levels around 30 April – 02
May. Normal to moderate flux levels are expected during the rest of
the period.

Active geomagnetic field conditions are likely during 17 – 18 April
due to an expected CME passage. Active conditions will also be
possible during 27 – 30 April due to recurrent coronal hole effects.

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