Re: Sorry!

Steve W3HF

--- Ernest Mills <> wrote:
Hi All,
Well, I'm afraid I will miss the long awaited
070 Club, Three Day Weekend contest.
After 13 years of faithful service, running
contests flat out for periods of 24 hours, pulling
in enough QSO's to get RTTY, SSB and CW in all of
DXCC, WAC and WAS, the best Rig ever built is SK :(
It has had sickness before and I have always
managed, with a bit of luck, to pull her through
ready fer another sortie on the bands but this time,
after spending Friday evening and most of Saturday
..... yea! the old TS440 has .........
It will be sometime before I rustle up enough
Washingtons to replace her, I do hope to be back in
time fer the October Rumble.

see ya! Ernie WM2U
Ernie -

We'll miss you. Best wishes on getting a new rig soon,
and putting yourself back on the air.

I plan to be on at least for a few hours, but it will
be only on 20m, and only QRP. Still no progress on the
multi-band radio. :-(

BTW, if anyone has my email address in their address
books, please change it to the address.
My current ISP, Voicenet, is terminating their
relationship with my DSL provider, so it looks like
I'll be switching ISPs.


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