TARA TEST Timorra!

Duncan <zl3jt@...>

de Jungle Telegraph
You can blame it all on the 6M nutters, praying to the Sun Gods, 'cos 6M has been
so lousy lately. Some 'ave more inflew-ence(sic) than others, 'cos ol' Sol is spewin'
stuff all over our PSK contest...which won't help ya win
that new rigblaster thingy.....Steve!
It'll be OK for yoose guys on the big bits of land, 'cos
ya can do it on ground wave...but the ol' Jungle Telegraph
has a problem...miles from anywhere...the end of the earth!
Our nearest neighbor is more than 3 hours in a Jumbo jet from 'ere...
Unless there is a dramatic improvement in the propagation stakes, we won't break
any records....I might try 6M afterall....see ya on 50.290 about 2100Z on the 20th....

We'll break the distance record if we do...
Good luck to our Team.....! See ya on the screen!

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