Hi gang, here's some info from Jeremy:

"It is getting THAT popular! Great! Gd to see that my ZD8 score made it
there. I had to email the log via PacTor email!

Just got back off the Ship from 105 days at sea. Will return to ship 4/23
in Lake Charles, LA then off to Canaveral, Ascension (ZD8JA will be QRV
around 5/20 or so) and then off to Africa! I don't expect to work any
African calls due to licensing problems, but will be /mm the whole way to
and from. I should be QRV /MM from 4/26 to 6/15 or so. I will of course
look for 070'ers on the band.

Keep up the great work!


Jeremy N1ZZZ/ZD8JA

Keep this in mind, a great "catch" to work him /mm

73 to all

KA3X, Jay

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