Re: Does psk31FEC count towards the TARA contest??

kf4hou <kf4hou@...>

Hello Bernie and the Gang. BPSK31FEC or psk31F..would be very
effective for longhauls and such. Your a bad Condxs resulting from
Solar flares etc. I have tested it alot very effective even copied a
friend in Texas abt 1100miles away 98% copy with no antenna at all.
PSK31FEC labeled as FEC in the Hamscope program. Sure not many
people will understand if your in Qpsk or Bpsk31FEC. but, it would be
a good way or going when condxs are not so grt. Specailly on the long
hauls were the phaseing is being destroyed which happens alot on BPSK.
Andalso running PSK10 or PSK63F would be nice to use but probably
illegal in contests. But ,Shouldsuch people as TARA and such consider
making PSK63F legal way much faster and abt as effective. So many
other modes better than PSK but, no one uses them. What abot Even PSK
hell. And some QRPp station are talking to each other across the pond
with like 40mw on 30m. on some Slo Mo modes,
Ok , C-ya in Contesto
KF4HOU asked:

it legally a PSK31 mode with a added FEC on it
I would think the official ruling would have to come from the TARA
authorities. What say you guys (Ed, Bill, Ernie)?

My guess would be that it is legal, as the basic modulation is
PSK31. But it might not be very effective in a contesting
environment, as there are very few stations using it. Most stations
expect to receive "regular" PSK31. If you are calling CQ in QPSK,
or PSK31FEC, very few stations would understand you.

It would be like running a SSB contest in Swahili. You might have
lots of signal power, but if no one can understand you, you will
complete many QSOs.


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