Re: Does psk31FEC count towards the TARA contest??

Steve W3HF

KF4HOU asked:

it legally a PSK31 mode with a added FEC on it
I would think the official ruling would have to come from the TARA
authorities. What say you guys (Ed, Bill, Ernie)?

My guess would be that it is legal, as the basic modulation is
PSK31. But it might not be very effective in a contesting
environment, as there are very few stations using it. Most stations
expect to receive "regular" PSK31. If you are calling CQ in QPSK,
or PSK31FEC, very few stations would understand you.

It would be like running a SSB contest in Swahili. You might have
lots of signal power, but if no one can understand you, you will not
complete many QSOs.


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