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Olaf Hapke <Olaf_Hapke@...>

"Stephen J. Melachrinos" <> schrieb am 09.04.02:
As some of you may remember, last year Jay 'DQU sent out a
survey to the 070 club. Well it's time to update the results, and I
have the honor of being your survey-taker this time.

Please send your response to me at And just in
case Yahoo obliterates that email address, it's w3hf(at)

I would suggest that you FORWARD this message to me at the
above address, and embed your answers right after the question.
Or you can send a message with answers coded to the question

If any of you read these message on the Yahoo web server, by
logging in to the 070 group, you can click the Reply link near the
top of the message, and then change the address in the pull-down
window to mine.

Thanks for your help.



2002 070 Club Members Survey

1. Is PSK31 the primary mode of operation at your station? If no,
what is your primary mode?
Yes, it is.

2. Do you run other "soundcard" modes besides PSK31? If yes,
please list.

3. Have you tried PSK31/QRP? If yes, are you QRP most of the
time? All of the time?

4. What bands do you regularly operate PSK31 on?

5. Have you ever tried to operate PSK31 on 6m or above?

6. Do you chase PSK31 DX?

7. Do you have PSK31 wallpaper other than 070 Club certificates
on the wall? If yes, please list.

8. Do you actively work towards obtaining upgrades and
endorsements offered by the 070 Club?

9. Do you participate in PSK31 contests? Have you participated in
the 070 Club contests (PSKfest, Three Day Weekend)?

10. Do you pass the word about the 070 Club (on the air, local
club, etc.).

11. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being very good, how would you rate
the 070 Club program? What do you like the best? What do you
like the least?

12. Feel free to add any supplemental information, suggestions, or
other comments.


Check out the 070 Club website at
< > for
the latest information on 070 Club activities.
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