Duncan <zl3jt@...>

de Jungle Telegraph,
Thanks Jay, you can change it anytime my friend, preferably before the 30th April.

I'd love to help but the distance is a problem....and the money...
I say Dick! The only difference between men and boys, is the cost of their toys!

Granddaughter graduating? Gosh! you must be older than most!
There's a thought Jay? Some sorta award for working guys that are over, say 75? Perhaps
even adding ages together of those over 70...Call it the 300 year only
have to work 4 guys over 75 or 5 guys over 60...or 2 at 150!!
Second might encourage them too much...

Did you hear about the CB'er who thought he would make use of the local power distribution
system for an antenna. He reckoned that with all that wire around the country, who
would need an amplifier?
Made up a lead with a mains plug on one end, and a PL259 on the other!
Told me later that electricity is only smoke in a tube...
It came out of his rig after a very short while! Said something about a mismatch
50 ohms into 60 cycles...

See ya'll 73s Duncan

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