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I was planning on Dayton this year, but we have a granddaughter who graduates from high school that same weekend.  So, to keep peace I cancelled dayton.  I really was wanting to meet all you crazy people who use rotatable verticals, etc.  But, my XYL told me to go ahead and order a new FT-100D since I was planning on buying one in Dayton.  After I checked to see if I was in the right house, I placed the order and have been having a lot of fun with it.  Not a bad trade off, was it?  See you in 2003 for sure.  I don't care who is graduating. 
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   Just a reminder that the Dayton hamvention is coming May 17. I know
DL2AYL, KF8OR, VE3CT, N3XC and myself will be there. Any other 070 members
planning on making the trek, send me an email so I can get an idea of who all
will be there. Also, a reminder that we will be sponsoring a forum Sunday
11:00 - noon in Room 2 on the 070 Club and the PODXS DPX digital prefix award
program. For more info on the Dayton hamvention, see their webpage at < > ....73 de Jay N3DQU.

   Check out the 070 Club website at
< > for
the latest information on 070 Club activities.
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