Duncan <zl3jt@...>

de Jungle Telegraph
Yose guys givin' away all yore PSK wonder I can't see yore traces down-under...the
DX-perts say, "There's no propagation!" But now I know different! It's all staying
above the equator equalisator!
Now I'll give you a tip on how to win the psk rumble...
Just get on every team....Yep! Ya bound ta winnit!

And Jay...they've put the skids under my Free Access...This is a crisis for any Scotsman!
From the end of this month.
<zl3jt@...> will no longer.... but the Jungle Telegraph will continue at

I have not departed this mortal coil although it may look like it....! I live in
paradise, that is New Zealand, it really is heaven....
73s to ya'll

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