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Hello Gang,

On a little more serious note, I would like to Thank each and every one of
the 070 Group for being the great bunch of people that you are.
On this list we are able to have fun with each other without fear of being
flamed, or some grumpy person complaining about getting a few too many
e-mails that don't conform to their way of thinking. I subscribe to several
lists, and it seems like most of them always have some kind of a conflict or
disagreement going on, but you don't find that with the 070 club. It's nice
to find a little piece of the internet that is still enjoyable.
 Again, Thanks to everyone for letting this list be what our hobby is
supposed to be, FUN !!

        73, Bernie / KF4FHS

Hello Bernie, KF4FHS:

You no there is more to your story too! Yes, there is. You see it's times like this when we all feel good about ourselves and the way we conduct on-line messages. All too often we do see way too much "hate mail" and folks every where correcting one anotther in a rude fashion. But here, we receive compliments from TRUE HAMS like yourself that take the extra few minutes to tell all of us, "you're doing a good job!" That's something we NEVER see enough of on ANY of these news groups! And I agree, the 070 Club runs an excellent new group, on that every member can be extremly pround of!

73 de NY2U "Mr.Bill"

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