Re: Raising the "F" layer?

Dick Thompson <wb0dul@...>

Bernie, you will need to do what I did; namely rotate it only to the right.  That way the coax connector stays tight, and won't fall off. 

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Hey Don,

  I'm glad to see that you have some experience with using a rotator with a
vertical, I need some technical advice.
  I've tried using the same setup as you, but mine keeps unscrewing the coax
off my vertical every time I turn the rotator. You got any suggestions on
how to fix this ?

73, Bernie / KF4FHS

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> I have been reading about hooking 3-One K amps together, and the use of a
> fluorescent lamp for a "broad-band" antenna. I must get in on this! I have
> Gap Challenger Vertical for sale, complete with rotator....Hardware was
> in last year's Field Day...
> 73,
> Don, K4FBP

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