Re: TARA Rumble on 6 meters (Was: Rumble Att aboy)

Costas Krallis SV1XV <sv1xv@...>

So, the idea is to keep an eye on six meters propagation
and call CQ now and then. I would suggest that all stations
with 6 meters capabilities call on 50290-50293 kHz, 10
minutes past the hour, every hour of the contest,
until we get an opening.

Although I think it is a good idea to try PSK31 on 6 Meters
as well I think it is very unfair to count 6 Meter contacts
for the rumble as well as 160 Meters contacts ...
Well, everything is "unfair" in radio contesting and each
operator must do with what he has available. For me, 50 MHz
is the only band where I can have a proper high gain antenna,
while on 14 MHz I have a background noise level of S7. At
the same time, there are 3-5 other nearby stations participating
in the contest on 21 and 28 MHz and blocking my receiver AGC.

BTW, the time required to have 5 QSOs and 2 multipliers on
50 MHz could be used by another station for 20 QSOs and
5 multipliers on 21 MHz.

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