Raising the "F" layer?

J. Ken Wirsing <radioguy@...>

Perhaps if we could clone enough of those 5 kw indestructable amps,
we could heat the atmosphere before the contest to get the MUF at
a high level. I am thinking if the 5k were aimed into a long wire,
low and nonresonant except at perhaps some useless freq like
4 MHz, we could expend enough energy in the tuner and wire
to heat the atmosphere. Yes, some old light bulbs would do
in the absence of a long wire. I think I could try to load
the gutters on the house.

On a more serious note, I am ready to try PSK on 6m. I am in
Grand Rapids, MI, and give me a freq and date/time.
(Is that within the rules?)

Best 73s to all.

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