Re: TARA Rumble on 6 meters (Was: Rumble Attaboy)


In a message dated 04/02/2002 14:36:38 PM Eastern Standard Time, sv1xv@... writes:

Don't worry, I shall apply for this one as well... BTW
the Rumble is also on 50 MHz and I would like to have a
go with my new 5-element Yagi in PSK-31 mode. Anybody
in Europe interested for a try? What are the recommended

Hello Costas, SV1XV:

That's some pretty interesting news, you trying out 6 Meters in the upcoming TARA PSK Rumble that is! So far we haven't had anyone that I can recall enter the rumble using that band. You very well could be breaking new grounds here and I for one would LOVE to see activity on 6 Meters. I hope your message will spark others to join you. Plus, it would be nice to see the digital guru's here in the states doing the same!!

73 de NY2U "Mr.Bill"

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