Steve W3HF

Steve, makes no difference how you hook them up, just terminate in a
large light bulb, preferably a burnt-out one. Jay, KA3X
Jay -

Thanks for the suggestion. Does it matter what wattage the bulb is?

If I use a 40 watt bulb, I should get 7 dB gain, right? (My two radios
put out a total of 8 watts. 40 / 8 = 5, which is 7 dB.)

But if I use a 150 watt bulb, I should get almost 13 dB of gain. (150 /
8 = 18.75, which is 12.7 dB.)

So I guess I should use the largest bulb I can find, to get the most
antenna gain. That must be why you say to use a "large" light bulb.

Boy, I sure appreciate all the fine technical help I get on this mailing
list. You guys are sure swell.


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