I've noticed a lot of the same. Lot's of self centered
ignorant operation. Guess that goes with the fact that
the PSK mode is exploding in popularity. That's bringing
a lot of new and inexperienced ops to the band. As you
stated, this will only get worse when the sun cycle wanes
and everyone packs themselves into the remaining DX bands
and modes.

From my perspective, I've learned a lot from your posts,
especially about op techniques; some of which are not
intuitive. Keep up the good work, Duncan. It may not
look like it down there, but your input is making a

Ignorance is blissful only for the ignorant........

Regards, Bill
de Jungle Telegraph
I had a ZB2/PA3ENH/P lined up on 20M....It's only 20000Kms!
Bert was telling everybody who called him, that he had a pile of stations trying
to call him, but a lot of 'operators' will insist on using set macros... telling
the whole world how fast their computer is, how much ram it's got, and they're
with a soundblaster 16 bit soundcard, and the WX is cold, and so on and so on!
This a lousy operating, lousy selfish operating! I hope none of the 070 group do
this? I hope we aren't blessed with this crap during the rumble? People are
put off with rubbish from other's computers...and combined with lousy
as well...
For the sake of sanity, be brief, don't tell to DX anything other than a signal
your name, and QTH. ONLY send information pertaining to the situation. If the
guy types tks 73s and QRZ? Don't continue the QSO!!!!
If you want to rag chew, that's fine, but don't attempt to do it with some one
busy with a pile up! I might be trying to work it, Right?
If I am calling Africa and the Indian Ocean, it means that I want to work
in that area...not Europe, not USA, not Australia, or Japan!
The reason I do it is because I have a very short opportunity on the long path
work that area of the world! It is very difficult from ZL and that's a fact!
If a USA station is calling for Central Asia...I don't call him...Simple isn't
How many USA stations have worked YA5T? Practically none on some bands!
The band was literally swamped around 0430Z today by one station...running 150
he typed..with a 6 el Yagi...ruined everybody elses chances on the band...Why? I
can work W3HF, Steve has 2 watts and an indoor dipole. I run 40 watts to Africa,
long path 30000Kms...I did it tonight twice.... I'm preaching to the wrong
I'm sorry!
BTW 14.070 will get worse my friends...just like 20M SSB..I have seen pictures
a 37KW amplifier that is being used in Italy, and a 20KW one in Japan....just
contesting of course (sic)...How many more of these are there?
73s Duncan

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