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Steve W3HF

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DX Basic certificate- $2.00 (US); Additional upgrade stickers -
(US) per application. IRC's not being accepted at this time.
Jay, what is this certificate and what are the qualifications? I
did not
find anything
on the web page regarding this one. (Other than the cost mentioned
in club

Tom, k3psk
Tom -

I think he means the cost to get your initial 070 club certificate if
YOU are a DX station, i.e., including overseas postage to send it to
you. It's the same certificate us'n amerikuns get, but he has to put
US$1.60 postage on it instead of US$0.55.


P.S. To answer your question more directly, the qualifications
are "meet all the other rules for 070 club membership, and have a
mailing address outside of the U.S." :-)

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