070 Club rule change


Dear Fellow PSKers -
Recent increases in the postage rates and the phenomenal growth of the 070
Club this past year now make it very difficult to offer free membership in
the 070 Club without incurring excessive out-of-pocket expenses. We greatly
appreciate the donations we have received from the members and thank you all
for your generosity, but the cost of postage has unfortunately far
outstripped the donations received. For this reason we must ask that the
following rate structure be implemented, effective immediately:

U.S. Basic certificate- $1.00 (US); Additional upgrade stickers - $1.00
(US) per application, or one (1) SASE per each application.
DX Basic certificate- $2.00 (US); Additional upgrade stickers - $1.00
(US) per application. IRC's not being accepted at this time.
Ragchewer’s certificate - $1.00 (US) for US members, $2.00 (US) for DX

Please continue to send your logs and QSL images via email. Applications
will be held until funds are received. You can save yourself money by
applying for your basic certificate along with a log of 300 contacts.
Endorsements and Attaboys will continue to be offered free. Any questions,
send email to JHudak3rd@.... Thank you all for your interest and
understanding....Best 73 de KA3X and N3DQU.

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