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After 10 years of serving as TARA's Digital Contest Chairman I'm stepping down from this position effective immediately. Now that doesn't mean I'll be going away totally, I'll just be less involved in the overall operations of TARA's PSK & RTTY contests.

As I stated I've been doing this on behalf of TARA for just a little over 10 years now. I'm quite proud of my accomplishments over this period of time, most notably the TARA RTTY Sprint. I had barely gotten my feet wet in the field of RTTY and here I was try to develop a contest on behalf of my club. I first had the assistance of Peter Hines, N2KAD and between the two of us we got the 1st TARA RTTY Sprint up and running. Since that memorable date I can remember many of times of how I asked for help from such notable hams as Ron, K5DJ, Don, AA5AU & Shelby, K4WW. There were also many more so I had better stop right here before I forget to mention somebody and I'd feel terrible about that.

Quite a few years ago I had the great fortunes of working with a talented and gifted Ernie Mills, WM2U. Ernie was the driving force and designer that purposed we (TARA) sponsor the World's very first PSK contest. Well, it took a whole 30 seconds to realize that he wasn't kidding and I think within a week he had a full blown set of "Rules & Regulations" waiting for my first review. As usual with any of Ernie's work it was brilliant and ahead of its time! Ernie's never subscribed to the rule of the "Neanderthal Hams" and after many years of all sorts of HF contesting he finally wanted to present his spin on what contesting should be. Well, I think you all are aware of what happened next. TARA sponsored Ernie's ideas and recommendations and the rest is now in the history books.

There are a few more accomplishments I'm proud of but that's not what I'm here to tell you. I'm here to thank each of you that have helped me along this long road. It's been incredible the amount of support that you folks have rendered me and I'll never for get you. I've made some really stupid mistakes along this journey but each and every time I would have someone kind enough to reach their hand out and guide me in the right direction. Again, I thank all of you that have given me your guidance and have shown total patience from someone like myself that can be very pigheaded at times.

If there are any of you that I've offended during my shift I apologies from the bottom of my heart. If there were some of you that offered suggestions or assistance that I never responded to, or simply overlooked, again, please accept my apologies. And for those of you that we never quite saw things in the same light of day, I hope you didn't take it personally, it's just that we all think and act differently.  One thing I've tried over the years is to admit when you're wrong, and not just accept the praise that this position brings at times. There were times I had to accept the blame when things didn't turn out right, but that was and still is part of the job. I hope all of you have found that to be true of me.

OK. With that all said and done I'd like to introduce TARA's "New" Digital Contest Chairman, Ed Eades, KC2HNC. Ed is a new amateur, only being licensed for about 2 years now. Already he has taken a fond liking for the digital modes and has become a total team player. Within our club Ed has exhibited his skills to be a team leader and he has a great ability to "get the job done!"

Ed first approached me with his offer to help me out with the digital contest stuff and I in turn asked if he'd be willing to take this position over. Immediately he replied sure! But, he made it clear that he'd need more help. He wanted it to be a total team that supported our contest efforts and not a one man show!

Ed has a few ideas of his own that he would like to try in the upcoming days/months/years, so please keep an eye out for his announcements as they come. Also, he's made it perfectly clear that the only thing he is doing is overseeing the operations/sponsorship of our present PSK & RTTY contests. He is looking forward to working side-by-side with Ernie Mills, WM2U, with the PSK Rumbles and myself with the RTTY Sprint. I know that he'll work diligently to make sure that TARA's presence in the HF Digital Contesting remains at the top of the list!

I ask of each of you to please welcome Ed aboard to this new position and I hope you'll show him the same guidance and support as you have given me over the years. If you have suggestions, send them along. If you'd like to volunteer your services on the TARA Digital Team, I'm sure that would delight him.   Most of all keep him informed of your likes/dislikes. After all, these contests are NOT just TARA's, they belong to each of you that participate each year!  

Ed Eades, KC2HNC - TARA's Digital Contest Chairman
E-mail:   kc2hnc@...   -  eds@...  -  Ed_Eades@...

TARA N2TY Website  : www.n2ty.org
PSK Rumble Website: www.qsl.net/wm2u/

Thank You!
William J. Eddy, NY2U

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