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Hi folks!
Yes, Kostas, I have noted that transmission on 21.070, but not very strong in ZL,
but around the same time several days ago.
Some members of the IARU have specified in their Radio Regs that the lower part of
each band is for CW mode only. Others only specify 'Narrow modes only, less than
1KHz bandwidth'...The transmission may be pointing out that it may well be 'only
CW' in this section of the band.
For example, on 50MHz USA specifies 'CW only' below 50.100 Mhz. and therefore a USA
station cannot use PSK31 in that part of the band. Conversely, I have worked VK and
JA on PSK on 50.095!
USA band restrictions are much greater than other countries, which may be a benefit
to the rest of the World perhaps.
The Transmission may well be correct at the originator's QTH, but in transmitting
on top of a PSK31 transmission, and vice versa, could be regarded as 'deliberate
interference'....just turn the volume off and ignore it! But don't transmit on the
trace of the CW signal...
de Jungle Telegraph ...Duncan ZL3JT

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