2002 PSKFest Final Results


The 2002 PSKFest final results are now posted at <
http://hometown.aol.com/n3dqu/2002_pskfest_results.htm >. We received 99
entries, not bad for a first-time event! Congratulations to the certificate
winners listed below. Many thanks to all who participated and a big thanks to
the PSKFest Contest Manager Steve, N6YIH for doing all the heavy work hi!
Looking forward to the next one! 73 de Jay N3DQU, PODXS 070 Club.
Top Score/High Score NA - N9BC
High Score EU - DL2RR
High Score AS - UA0JQ

Top Score/High Score NA - N9MZP
High Score EU - SV1ENS

Top Score/High Score NA - N3MK
070 Club Top Dog - WM2U
High Score EU - UX0FF
High Score AF - ZD8JA
HIgh Score AS - 4X6CUU

Top Score/High Score EU - OK1VSL
High Score NA - K4GMH

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