Re: ...and they said it couldn't be done!!

Bernie <kf4fhs@...>

Congratulations Costas !!!!!

Now Jay, since Costas broke the ice, how about giving them YO fellers
permission to work the rest of us.

73, Bernie / KF4FHS

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Sent: Saturday, March 09, 2002 10:18 PM
Subject: [070] ...and they said it couldn't be done!!

Well, well, well...look what came in the email today from SV1XV. As
say in the gambling halls, read 'em and weep boys hi! FB es congrats
73 de Jay N3DQU.

2002-01-19 06:17 YO2BZV 14 YO2
2002-01-19 11:29 YO4UQ 14 YO4
2002-01-19 06:22 YO5CRQ 14 YO5
2002-03-09 09:26 YO8FZ 14 YO8
2002-03-09 09:42 YO9FNR 14 YO9

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